Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Maybe the fourth time's the charm?

Ok, I'm starting to get excited in spite of myself.  When I heard that the fourth Indiana Jones flick was finally going into production, I felt my heart sink.  The first 3 were a solid trilogy that introduced a classic movie character, who takes his place among the great cinematic heroes.

While there can be a lively argument about 'Temple of Doom' and its grim, dark story, or the way 'Last Crusade' seemingly played it too safe, I think there's a general agreement that we're better off having 3 inspired Indy flicks that may have tried too hard in spots, rather than a bloated, lackluster affair.  The latter description is what I've  been afraid of as it relates to the new flick, due out Memorial Day 2008.

Spielberg still has his chops, but Ford has been cranky and constipated onscreen ever since he was stuck on an island with Anne Hecht.  He hasn't been fun to watch in years, and that's a core ingredient of Indiana Jones: FUN!  Adding insult to injury, the fact that we had to wait until producer/creator George Lucas found a story that he felt was compelling, fills me with dread, given that his storytelling skills in the last 3 Star Wars films were lacking, at best.

But now comes the photos.  Ford looks right.  Heroic and healthy.  It's almost enough to make a fellow believe in Santa Claus.  

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