Thursday, January 10, 2008

FIRST SUNDAY: Church Is In Session

This post is a blatant plug for the release of a movie that opens nationwide on Friday. "First Sunday" is the first feature by writer-director David E. Talbert. Up to this point, David has been known principally as a successful playwright/producer/director. Now he turns his attention to the big screen and has delivered what looks to be a crowd pleaser.

"First Sunday" stars Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan as two hapless Baltimore 'miscreants' who are so down on their luck that they believe robbing a church is the only choice they have to make a better life for themselves. Once inside the church, they find out they're not alone and hilarity ensues.

Also starring Kat Williams, Loretta Devine, Chi McBride and Malinda Williams, "First Sunday" moves at a fast clip and while it delivers laughs, it also supports the idea of community, belonging and family, especially the relationship between a boy and his father.

In the interest of full disclosure, David E. Talbert (and his lovely wife Lyn) are very good friends of mine and my pride in seeing their latest success knows no bounds. Here's to a long and happy stay at the top of the box office, my peoples!

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