Thursday, January 3, 2008

oBAMa! The First step

By no means will this be a 'political' blog. There are many more people, better equipped than me to have a discourse on the state of the nation. However, I am an Obama man and a supporter of the idea that change and growth come from smart, reasoned people trying new approaches, with minds that are open to new possibilities.

I'm not naive enough to think that if elected, Barack will do the majority of what he promises. But that's not the point. He's a smart, young, energetic and thoughtful fellow, who understands that 1. the world is shrinking, and 2. the old ways of doing business politically don't help the country or the world. So the idea that he'll approach issues from a new perspective offsets (for me) the various stumbles he'll make along the way. As a republican friend of mine said recently, "we don't need any more Bushes or Clintons in the White House" (then he gave props to Mitt Romney!), it's time for a change.

If you didn't get a chance to see Barack's victory speech last night, here's a link:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled nonsense at the Yakuza House.

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Anonymous said...

I do agree with you opinion on change.

We do not need any more Bush's in the Big house.

Clinton's... Who knows. I think Bill can bring change.

Enough on Politics... I do like your movie list.